* NSCoder night, Toronto edition
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 * Next meetup: Cocos2d book club, meetup #2

Come join the NSCoderTO group and learn the open-source cocos2d framework in a group setting! We'll be following along with the book Learning Cocos2D by Rod Strougo and Ray Wenderlich.

Proposed schedule:

Weeks 1 and 2 – Jan 28th – Feb 10th

Meetup 1 (February 12th)

RSVP for the meetup!

Week 3 Feb 11th – Feb 17th

Week 4 Feb 18th – Feb 24th

Meetup 2 (February 26th)

RSVP for the meetup!

Week 5 Feb 25th – Mar 3rd

Meetup 3 (March 12th)

Meetup details to come!

The future...

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